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Compassion Fatigue - Do You Know When to Take a Break?

Cher of Second Chance Boxer Rescue - Cher is looking for her "Furever" home!

Cher of Second Chance Boxer Rescue - Cher is looking for her "Furever" home!

This week there was an event in the Tampa area involving a Boxer, her pups, and a two year old child that did not end well for all involved. I am not going to go into all the specific details because this event is not what I want to discuss. I follow many animal rescues, shelters and their caregivers. I see the many animals that need our help. To be clear, I do not directly work with a rescue or shelter although I have rescued two Boxers. I do not know what it is to do this first hand and I am in constant awe of the people who give all their free time to help these animals. 

There are periods of time I try not to dwell on the links on Facebook, but in the one mentioned above the video started playing automatically and I watched and read the events that played out. Who knows why some things touch us more deeply than others but this one got me. And it made me think. Do we know when to step away for a bit so we can care for ourselves? 

"Compassion Fatigue" is a real thing and it's not just about those who sacrifice and care for their fellow human beings. It also effects animal care givers. 

“Compassion fatigue is an occupational hazard of our work with animals, whether you are an animal control officer or kennel attendant in a small town or an internationally recognized veterinarian. Our work requires that we compassionately and effectively respond to the constant demand to be helping to those who are suffering and in need.“ - Jessica Dolce

So I'm wondering. What do you do when you become overwhelmed? Do you unplug so you can take some time to care and reward yourself for all that you do? Because you should. Only when we are at our best can we give our best to others. 

Read more about Compassion Fatigue here: The Fatal Epidemic of Animal Care Workers that No One is Talking About

Links You Need to See

Looking to wallpaper a room? Well I don't think you could go wrong with this lovely paper designed by Julia Rothman. 100% of the proceeds go to help pups in need! And while you're at check out her site, she's done some awesome work!

Dog Park Wallpaper by Julia Rothman

Dog Park Wallpaper by Julia Rothman

If you are looking for some other creative stuff with the pup theme you would do well to follow my Pinterest board - "Stuff for Cool Dogs and Their Skin Families"

Happy Abby Hits Mains Street


Happy Abby has won third place at the annual Art Uptown Dog Day's of Summer! Join me this Friday August 7th, 6-9Pm for the opening reception!



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Training Dogs for "White God"

I have a confession. I do not watch movies with dogs or read books about dogs. I have dogs. I help rescues and shelters with my art. I see the good and the bad and when it comes time for a little escape I don't want to see or read about animals, it just gets too emotional. That being said I have heard amazing things about this movie. So if you do watch movies about dogs, you should check it out.

This week Terry Gross of Fresh Air conducted an interview with the woman who trained the dogs, Teresa Ann Miller...

White God  is about a dog who is separated from his owner (Zsófia Psotta) when her father forces her to give him up. Teresa Ann Miller worked as a trainer for the Hungarian film.

White God is about a dog who is separated from his owner (Zsófia Psotta) when her father forces her to give him up. Teresa Ann Miller worked as a trainer for the Hungarian film.


This week I will receive my first box from ArtSnacks! ArtSnacks is a monthly subscriptions service for artists? Interested? Click on the photo for more info. 

A monthly serving of the best art supplies

A monthly serving of the best art supplies

Do You Have a Plan?

Storm and hurricane season is here. You have a plan for your human family, do you have one for your pets? After hurricane Katrina the government recognized the need for shelters that take pets. There are some available but they are limited and will fill up what will you do if the time comes? Take the time now to get a plan together. I have emergency kits ready to go and two collapsible crates if we ended up in a pet friendly shelter. Here's a brochure from 

Would you like to have your art shown in the U.S. Embassy in Paris or Moscow, Ankara or Budapest? 

Since 1963, the U.S. State Department has run a program called Art in Embassies (AIE) that showcases the work of American artists from various media in exhibits all over the world. Interested? Click on the photo above to learn more. 



We're Back - Links You Need to See

Back to Business

Our road trip is over and it's back to business...well sort of. We have company this week!!! My sister and my niece Molly are here to visit for two days and then on Friday I meet them in Disney World. So I'm getting this post written up a bit early!

WAGGO is having a giveaway!

"Each Waggo bed is made in the USA from machine washable, 100% heavyweight cotton twill (re: these things are durable!). Available in three sizes and an array of fun colors, these beds also feature recycled eco-friendly fill, making them very resilient and extra cozy!"

The good people at DogMilk are sharing a WAGGO giveaway! So if your dog's bed is looking a bit well, slept in, here's your chance to get a terrific new one. Click on this WAGGO GIVEAWAY

The Jealous Curator

I've been discovering some absolutely awesome artists lately and it's all thanks to "The Jealous Curator" Blog. If you want to see some fresh and exciting art you should really check it out. There is also an absolutely awesome podcast speaking with some of the featured artists. My dream one day is to be featured here! Danielle Krysa has some awesome taste in art and kudos to her for sharing!

I've also ordered Danielle's book  GET UNSTUCK - CREATIVE BLOCK - DISCOVER NEW IDEAS and it's just amazing. Now that me an my posse are back home I can't wait to dive into it!


There's not much to be said here, something I will never understand. Please share. People you think are smart truly lack any kind of common sense sometimes. Since this happens all too often it's safe to assume that you just might know of someone who knows someone who would do this.

Dog Gone Missing? Check Your Smartphone

NPR featured this article on the front page of their website this week for All Tech Considered. As many of you know losing my pups is in the top three of my greatest fears. So any tool that can help locate a missing pet is welcome. This looks pretty nifty and is having success. Check out for more info. 



Art Uptown Gallery Call to Artists 

Art Uptown Gallery is opening its doors to several artists from the community as well as the gallery artists, to participate Our 7th Annual Dog Days Juried Art Show

Mark your calendars for August 1st when Art Uptown will be receiving work from community artists for the show.  

There will be an opening reception on 
August 7 from 6 – 9 pm 
at Art Uptown Gallery, 
1367 Main St.,Sarasota.

For more information call: 941-955-5409.

As always, thanks for stopping by! 


Amazing Artists, Delightful Dogs and Links You Need to See

Is Your Dog Ready for Summer?

Johnny and Abby ready to roll!

Johnny and Abby ready to roll!

Here are some great Summer Health Tips I found over at Bark. Also check out their latest newsletter for dog friendly excursions and outdoor activities!

The MOO Blog

Andreas Kocks, Cannonball (#703G), Graphite on Watercolor Paper, 330 x 1670 x 13 cm. 2007.  Installation at Jeannie Freilich Fine Art, New York. Photography by Hermann Feldhaus

Andreas Kocks, Cannonball (#703G), Graphite on Watercolor Paper, 330 x 1670 x 13 cm. 2007.  Installation at Jeannie Freilich Fine Art, New York. Photography by Hermann Feldhaus

I have my business cards made at, and I have to tell you they are absolutely awesome! A little more money than some may want to spend but quite frankly worth every penny. I laminate mine to repel dog slobber at events! 

They have a fantastic blog and this week I have to share this post about artists working with paper, their stuff is absolutely amazing! CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Blanket ID 

Life Saver - Lounge Collars from Blanket ID

Life Saver - Lounge Collars from Blanket ID

Here at Barking Dog Ranch we are all about the laid back life style and comfort. So when we are chillin' at home we wear our lounge collars from Blanket ID! Blanket ID came up with the concept to have a more comfortable collar for time at home that can still have an ID tag in case your pup gets lost. The collar just slides right over the head of your dog. They have awesome tags you register online so all the information is there about your pup. The back of the tag says "Find my Human", I love that! They have a new line out called "Life Saver" for when you hit the road this summer with your four legged companion!

Call to Artists

Leroy Wilks "Atlas"

Leroy Wilks "Atlas"

Top Florida artists on display at juried exhibit in Sarasota

A call to artists underway until the end of this June will culminate in the third annual “Florida Flavor” at Art Center Sarasota, a juried exhibition to showcase the extraordinary talents of Florida-based artists. Click here to find out more: Florida Flavor Call to Artists

Do you prescribe to the "Alpha" school?

I know a lot of people feel strongly on the idea of a "pack leader" when it comes to the behavior of dogs. It is not something I have ever ascribed to but I understand why so many have. So here's an article over at the BARK some folks may find interesting. Alpha Gets a Make Over What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know!

New Products at Society6