So Furry Friend, you wanna be in pictures?

Here's a chance to have a portrait of your best friend!

A chance to have your dog's portrait done...

a digital file of the completed work...for FREE!

Thanks for stopping by! Here'a a nifty chance to have a free portrait of your dog. I will be at the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg on June 14th for their "Art of Dog" event. If you are in the area I would love to see you, I'll share more details closer to the event.

I need some doggies to paint!

I am going to paint a bunch of small paintings to have available the day of the show. Do you have a great close up shot of your dog's face, paws, nose or even a good "butt shot?" Now's your chance to have a portrait of your favorite photograph. 

Submit a photo. Head on over to my contact page, scroll down and you'll see a button "SUBMIT YOUR PHOTOS HERE", give it a click and you'll be sending me an email with a photo and a bit of info about your dog. 

If I pick your dog's picture and paint it, I will then send you a link to download a digital image of the painting...FOR FREE! Not bad huh? 

Keep visiting the studio blog to see what doggie I'm painting and how things are going, I'll make sure to post as I go along. I'll also be posting on my Facebook Page, so if you want to give us a like you will be able to share with friends and family!

I look forward to getting your photographs, please make sure to share!