Opening Reception Old Dogs & New Tricks

Old Dogs & New Tricks

Evelyn in the Marvelous Mystery Mutt Tour Bus

Evelyn in the Marvelous Mystery Mutt Tour Bus

What a fantastic time at the opening of my solo show Old Dogs & New Tricks! Thank you to everyone from the gallery who helped out! A special shout out to Kate Johnson from Boxer Rescue Angels of Florida for taking photos at the Marvelous Mystery Mutt Tour Bus, we raised $35 for the rescue! And also to my friend Jean Blackburn who manned the dessert table! 

I had a terrific time and was so surprised by the people who showed up. I saw fellow artist Michelle whom I met at last summer's Creative Capitol workshop and a old co-worker of mine and his wife from my days at Hagenbeck Wallace, the prop shop for Ringling Brother Circus. 

Lynette and Dawn of Boxer Rescue Angels of Florida with the artist.

Australian Ridgeback

Future Barking Dog Creations Studio Top Model!

visiting pups

The Last Dessert

The Last Dessert

and dessert buffet!

Paintings in the show

Marvelous Mystery Mutt Tour 

Look for my upcoming solo show at the Bird Key Yacht Club this September!

Summer Sycamore no 5 Wins Second Place!

Very proud to have one of my recent landscape paintings in the Open Juried Landscape Show at Art Uptown Gallery in Sarasota! The piece won second place and will be in the Main Street window for the next two weeks. 

The show runs April 30 through May 27th and the opening receptions is Friday May 6th from 6 - 9PM. I am heading out of town so I will not be able to attend but it's First Friday in downtown Sarasota so it is a great time to see some art!

Summer Sycamore no 5, oil on gallery wrapped canvas, 24X24"

Summer Sycamore no 5, oil on gallery wrapped canvas, 24X24"

Call to Artists, How to Know When Your Pup is Overheating, Links You Need to See

Know When Your Pet is Overheating, 12 Signs

Summer is just about here and in Florida it's pretty much here all the time! So make sure to take a moment and read this blog post from the folks at Mercola. It can save you and your pet a whole lot of grief. Just like people, overheating and or heatstroke with dogs can get very dangerous very fast. 

12 Signs Your Pet Is Too Hot: Can You Recognize Them All?

Fellow Florida Artist Meg Pierce

I wanted to share the new website of fellow florida artist Meg Pierce. I met Meg when entering a show at Towles Court Artist Colony in Sarasota. She looked at my name and asked if I had been awarded an artist residency at Weir Farm National Historic Site in Connecticut. I had and so had she in the same year! I have seen her over the years at art shows and followed her work on Facebook. She creates beautiful mixed media images that shimmer in their subtlety. Take a moment and check out her beautiful work!

Corsage Pins   voile, mulberry paper, yarn, paper, acrylic on canvas   30 x 30

Corsage Pins
voile, mulberry paper, yarn, paper, acrylic on canvas
30 x 30

How to Keep Your Senior Dog From Destroying Your Home

They don't see so well and bump into stuff. They sometimes forget to go outside before they do their business. They can't seem to hear you very well. These are all things that happen when your dog gets older. But remember they are most likely going to happen to you as well! To me there is nothing better than a senior dog. My Abby doesn't see much anymore and I'm not really sure what's going on with her hearing. She hears me sometimes and runs in the other direction! But none of this matters to me, not even the fact she still poops on my porch even though I just repainted it! I love her and Johnny with all my heart, they are seniors and I will be one as well in the blink of an eye. They may not be there with me then, but I can guarantee I will have another old pup by my side. 

How to Dog Proof Your House for Senior Dogs

My Abby in the studio.

My Abby in the studio.

Amalie Arena and the Tampa Bay Lightning are excited to announce the fourth annual Open Call to Artists!

Interested in having your art displayed at Amelie Arena? Click on the photo to learn more!

Interested in having your art displayed at Amelie Arena? Click on the photo to learn more!

The Bark has just published their summer reading list highlighting the pups! I would have to add Dog Songsby poet Mary Oliver. One of my very favorites. 

Visit my Society6 store!

Saw this at Dog Milk this week and thought it was pretty nifty, click on the image to learn more!

Saw this at Dog Milk this week and thought it was pretty nifty, click on the image to learn more!

Let's Fly - oil on paper 22X30"

Let's Fly - oil on paper 22X30"

Join me at the opening reception of No Boundaries at Art Center Manatee June 25th, 5 -7PM. My work "Let's Fly" will be on display. 

Sixty and Strong, The Petticoat Painters

UPDATE: Sixty and Strong will premiere at the Sarasota Film Festival Saturday April 18th,  12:00PM at the Regal Hollywood 20 in Sarasota...see you there!

A Celebration of the Art and Spirit of the longest continuously exhibiting group of women painters in the USA.

by Peter and Marcia Christ

Last year I was invited to become a member of the Petticoat Painters. To be honest I did not know anything about them. I did a little investigating and thought it would benefit me as an artist to be a member of this very talented group of women.

I have not been disappointed. I have been overwhelmed by the talent, spirit and amazing personalities of this group of women. I feel honored and privileged to be a member. 

Peter and Marcia Christ have created a documentary covering the history of the Petticoat Painters over the last sixty years. Each artist, the founder, and others from the Sarasota area are interviewed in this fascinating story of women determined to wade against the tide of predominately male artists. 

Take a moment and learn about the work and dedication of these women. The Christs are in the process of raising funds to submit the film to festivals throughout the country. I have attached a link to the fundraiser which offers various perks for different levels of giving. If you are one of my wonderful followers through my dog portraits you can do a great thing by supporting the film and receive a portrait of your pup! 

You can follow and learn what's happening with the film and the artists on the Facebook page. Thanks for your time and please share with friends and never know who will be inspired by this story!


Art For Barks Service Dog Fine Art Contest

The Art for Barks Service Dog Fine Art Contest is Here!

Nationally prominent artists are helping Art for Barks create a Special Educational Project about Service Dogs and art.

Enjoy the variety of art styles.

Learn about how Hero Service Dogs help people with physical disabilities live a fuller,
more active life. Read a few stories of these extraoridinary canines, then pick and vote for your favorite. 
Notice that many of the Service Dogs are Rescue Animals.

By participating-you are supporting these altruistic animals and their generous work. Service Dogs are special! With a natural capacity to unconditionally love and care for people,

Service Dogs:

  • nurture traumatized children in court

  • decrease healing time for elderly hospital patients

  • assist mobility-impaired people in getting their medicine, opening the door, getting into and out of their car, moving a wheelchair, and finding their keys or phone.

There are dozens of other ways Service Dogs eagerly direct their warm, furry form of love to helping us humans. These include providing emotional comfort and/or seizure notice to wounded warriors with post-traumatic stress, enabling them to work and function productively; or lending support with physical balance and mobility to disabled college students preparing for a meaningful job. Service Dogs’ ability to calm autistic children makes educational and therapy sessions more productive, and allows these children to feel safer while out with their families.

I am very proud to be part of the Art for Barks organization! What they do resonates with many of the reasons I paint dogs. I created two paintings for this event. One of Belle from Vintage Paws Sanctuary in Sarasota Florida and Belle an alumni of Florida Boxer Rescue who has since passed onto the Rainbow Bridge. I am happy to support both of these wonderful organizations through donating my artwork and I've adopted two Boxers from FBR!

Here are my two paintings, please take a moment and vote, it supports me and the efforts of Art for Barks.

To see all the amazing images and vote please visit here:

Art for Barks Service Dog Fine Art Contest

   Belle of Vintage Paws Sanctuary


Belle of Vintage Paws Sanctuary

   Nori of Florida Boxer Rescue


Nori of Florida Boxer Rescue