"Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring- it was peace."
-Milan Kundera

The Last Dessert, oil on gallery wrapped canvas 36X72" ORIGINAL AVAILABLE PRINTS AND PRODUCTS AVAILABLE

Custom Furry Friend Pet Portrait

Custom Furry Friend Pet Portrait

This portrait is for pet people, you know who you are...

  • You know your dog understands every word you say no matter how many times you are told that it's just no so.
  • You may let your dog sleep in the bed with you even though each night you somehow are relegated to a very small part of the mattress while your animal is stretched out comfortably. 
  • You have actually sniffed your dogs paws because someone told you all dog paws smell like Fritos. Yes I sniffed my dog's paws, but I live on a farm and they kind of smell like horse poop. Maybe that just works in the city.

We will work together to create a great memory of your pet! I will work from photographs that you send me and each portrait will be created in my unique style. My paintings are as good as the photographs you send. It is best to take photos using a standard camera and not a camera phone. We need a good high resolution photo to work from. But since camera phones are getting better and better and most people have all their photos on them we can work to find a good one!

Each item can be gift wrapped for free and sent directly to the recipient! Shipping is always FREE within the U.S.!

If you want your painting to have more than one animal please make sure you also purchase the listing for an additional animal. 

And a special paws up...there may be, well I'm sure we know there will be other skin folks who will find your portrait pawesome and may want to purchase a print or other products available at my Society6 Store. I do retain the ownership rights to the design, and it may be resold. However, any personal information about your pet will be withheld. But I will honor any requests not to resell your image.If you have any questions please reach out and contact me

Below is a guideline for prices. Each amount listed is for one animal on the size canvas indicated. If you are looking for sizes not listed please contact me to discuss options. Shipping is free within the U.S. for all portraits.

When considering sizes take the time to determine how you want your portrait to look. A head shot? Any size is appropriate. Full figure? At least a 16X16"  but bigger is better here. If you want an additional animal bigger is better here as well. I can do anything small but you won't be able to see your furry friends' love shining out at you quite as well!

  • 8X8" - $90
  • 10X10" - $145
  • 12X12" - $250
  • 16X16" - $325
  • 20X20" - $450
  • 24X24" - $625
  • 30X30" - $1150

If you want any additional animals in your portrait make sure to add this listing on to your portrait purchase. Each additional animal is $75.

Now go give your pet a hug or a belly rub!

Copyright Evelyn McCorristin Peters, 2014
Please note: all images are copyright protected, the buyer is not entitled to reproduction rights. Please do not print or reproduce my work without permission. The purchase of original art or a print does not transfer copyright. All rights reserved and retained by the artist. Thank you!

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